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Helping Agribusiness to Manage Market Risk

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Gulke Group 2023 Winter Palm Springs Conference: This year the conference is set to take place at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas in Rancho Mirage, CA on Feb. 15-17. Current speakers include Drew Lerner on Weather, Roger Wallace on Livestock, Michael Drury on Economics, Jamie Wasemiller on insurance and Jerry Gulke.

The conference will start at noon on Wednesday and conclude around noon on Friday.

The fee is $695 for the conference for clients and $2000 for non-clients. If you have a second person within the household/company wanting to attend the conference the additional fee would be $550. You can sign up by calling or texting Jamie at 707-365-0601.

GROUP RATES: Rooms for Tuesday-Friday will be $299 + tax. This rate will be available in the days before and after the conference in case you want to extend your stay more than the 3-day conference.            

The cut-off date for accepting reservations into this room block is January 16, 2023. Call the Omni at 800-843-6664 and use code 021423GULKE to make your room reservations and mention the Gulke Group.

Our people have decades of experience addressing our client’s most pressing business risks. A full-service consulting firm, Gulke Group provides you with the following services to help you manage your risk.

Morning & Mid-Day Comments

Morning comments cover U.S weather & news, technical analysis, market commentary, world news and Gulke Group trading recommendations. Marketing recommendations include: Corn, Soybean Complex, Wheat, Livestock, Hogs, Rice, and Cotton. Other ag-related commodities include: Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Gasoline, World Currencies, DJIA, and the Interest Rate Markets. We also include the Gulke Group Position Summary and Speculator’s Table.

Access to Gulke Group Analysts

Clients with questions about marketing recommendations or their own personal farming operation have access to Gulke Group analysts. We welcome calls with questions from our clients.

Jamie: 707-365-0601

Mobile Phone Updates

In conjunction with the morning and mid-day comments, we send a phone update to clients. This ensures that clients receive new advice in a timely fashion. As a new addition, Jerry periodically records voice updates personally as the market warrants.

Gulke Group Brokerage Service (Gulke Group Clients Only)

Gulke Group clients have the ability to trade with full service brokers that work closely with Jerry & Jamie. They can help clients understand and stay in line with what the Gulke Group recommendations are. Ask Jamie about any questions regarding Gulke Group Brokerage.

Client Conferences

An additional client benefit is the opportunity to attend periodic commodity outlook conferences. These conferences are usually held in the winter, spring, and summer seasons at places that offset the season: i.e. someplace warm in the winter (Florida, Mexico, California) and somewhere cool the summer (a lake or mountain setting). Announcements regarding conferences are made via e-mail or on the web. Client conferences are usually not open to the general public.

Acreage Surveys

Our survey results help our clients to be prepared for the USDA reports.

Crop Insurance

Gulke Group and Wasemiller Insurance Agency partner together that clients may receive assistance with crop insurance needs from one of the top companies in the business. Important insurance information is posted for client’s benefit. Gulke Group also gives assistance in utilizing options/futures in conjunction with insurance coverage to better manage price risk exposure.

Grain Consulting/Hedging

Helping Agribusiness to Manage Market Risk